What’s the ending of Brokeback Mountain?

Despite Ennis telling Jack that it was a one-time incident, they develop a sexual and emotional relationship. Before parting ways, Ennis and Jack have a brawl that leaves both of them bloodied. Ennis later marries his longtime fiancée Alma Beers and has two daughters with her–Alma Jr. and Jenny.

Is Jack alive at the end of Brokeback Mountain?

Jack realizes that he and Ennis will never be together, because Ennis is too afraid to live openly. Later, Ennis attempts to reconnect, but discovers Jack is dead. Lureen, Jack's wife, tells Ennis on the phone that Jack was changing a tire when it exploded and killed him.

What's the ending of Brokeback Mountain?

Why was Jack Twist killed?

In a strained telephone conversation, Lureen tells Ennis that Jack died in an accident while changing a tire; Ennis, however, suspects that he was murdered by men who discovered his secret life.

What does he say at the end of Brokeback Mountain?

The final line of the short story version of Brokeback Mountain is "There was some open space between what he knew and what he tried to believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you can't fix it you've got to stand it," which comes after Ennis Del Mar starts dreaming of Jack Twist again, some time after his …

Why was he killed in Brokeback Mountain?

According to his wife, Jack died when the tire blew as he was changing it, and the car crushed him. According to Ennis, Jack died as a result of a hate crime, beaten by men with a tire iron. Ennis's perspective comes from his childhood experience seeing the body of a gay man killed as a result of a hate crime.

Why did Ennis and Alma divorce?

She dislikes Ennis's predilection for low-paying ranch work with long hours, and wants to settle down somewhere to raise her family. She eventually gets a job at a grocery store in Riverton. Jack's reunion with Ennis is the beginning of a gradual distancing between Alma and Ennis that eventually culminates in divorce.

Why did Jack go to Mexico in Brokeback Mountain?

Jack admits he travels to Mexico for sex because Ennis can't give him enough of a life. They argue, but nothing is resolved. Jack remembers a time on Brokeback when Ennis simply embraced him and stood with him by the fire.

What does Ennis mean when he says Jack I swear?

And when he said “Jack, I swear,” the way I interpreted that was him saying, “I swear I won't make that same mistake again, I will live my life differently, I learned something from losing you.”

What did jacks postcard to Ennis say?

Ennis gets a postcard from Jack which reads, "Ennis, see you in a couple weeks, fish should be jumping. Jack." The postmark is Childress, Texas, July 1972. A couple of weeks later, Jack is driving a blue Ford truck with a 1976-7 grill.

Who does Alma marry after Ennis?

Alma eventually realizes her life with Ennis is going nowhere, which leads her to get a divorce. She then marries the Riverton grocer, taking her two daughters with her, and is soon pregnant with a third child.

Why does Alma divorce Ennis?

She dislikes Ennis's predilection for low-paying ranch work with long hours, and wants to settle down somewhere to raise her family. She eventually gets a job at a grocery store in Riverton. Jack's reunion with Ennis is the beginning of a gradual distancing between Alma and Ennis that eventually culminates in divorce.

Why did Ennis get sick?

Ennis, though often gruff on the outside, is revealed to have a tender side through his relationship with Jack. When Ennis and Jack part ways after their summer on Brokeback Mountain, Ennis feels so upset over losing Jack that he feels physically sick.

Did Ennis get Jack’s ashes?

As Lureen informs Ennis, "He use to say he wanted to be cremated, ashes scattered on Brokeback Mountain" (128). Of course Ennis wants to honor that request and heads to Jack's parents for the other ashes. But he just can't get it done: "In the end the stud duck refused to let Jack's ashes go.

Do Alma and Mike get back together?

His last act is to steal Alma's car and drive into the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street, killing himself. Alma and Mike separate in 1999 when Alma discovers that Mike has cheated on her; they eventually divorce and Alma moves in with Audrey.

Why did Jack and Ennis break up?

Ennis and Jack would occasionally meet one another while they were outdoors fishing together. However, at one point the two conclude that they simply wouldn't be able to be together. The decision was made because of Ennis' dad, who Ennis recalls hurting a homosexual for witnessing them in the act.

How is Ennis killed?

Not long after Elsa (Isabel May) received assurances from her beloved Ennis (Eric Nelsen) that he would marry her, tragedy struck their wagon train: a gunfight with some marauding bandits took away the man who took Elsa's virginity. That's right: Ennis the cow herder is dead!

Does Mike Baldwin get custody of Adam?

Adam survived the crash and this led to a custody battle between Mike and Ken. Mike was awarded custody, but returned Adam to his boarding school in Scotland, where his friends were.

Who was with Alma when she died?

  • The cancer claims her life within weeks; Alma passes away at Audrey's home in Grasmere Drive on 17 June 2001, aged 55, with Mike and her friends surrounding her, and her last appearance is three days later when at her wake Audrey plays a goodbye video she'd shot shortly before her death.

How old was Ennis and Jack?


While the two 19-year-old men work on Brokeback Mountain, Ennis is stationed at the base camp while Jack watches the sheep higher on the mountain. They meet only for meals at the base camp, gradually becoming friends.

What did Julia do to Mike Baldwin?

  • In 1999, Mike was seduced by Julia Stone, who blackmailed him for large sums of cash. When Alma discovered this, she left Mike; once they had divorced, she reverted to her maiden name of Halliwell.

Does Sarah and Adam get back together?

"Welcome home Adam. I'm glad that Adam and Sarah are back together.

Why was Alma always sick?

Alma struggled with substance abuse in The Queen's Gambit and based on the evidence presented in the show, this is a likely explanation — one that was set up shortly after Alma was introduced.

Does Mike Baldwin find out about his son Adam?

In 2001, Mike found out that Adam Barlow was his son, as Susan had left him while pregnant with their child in 1987. In June 2001, Mike became a widower when Alma died after a battle with cervical cancer.

Do Sarah and Adam divorce?

When Sarah invites Adam to Harry's birthday party, Adam takes it as a sign that she is coming back around to the idea of being together. Yet his good mood is short-lived as Sarah drops the bombshell that she has filed for divorce.

Is Adam cheating on Sarah?

However, as viewers of the ITV soap know, Adam hasn't been cheating and Lydia is in fact setting him up in a bid for revenge.

Did Mr Wheatley leave his wife?

Living in Kentucky, he works far away almost every day, causing him to abandon his family. Due to his wife feeling lonely in his absence, he decides to adopt a child at the Methuen Home orphanage to give her an occupation.

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